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Filif is a young wizard from the planet Demisiv with which his species shares the name. He is kind, self-effacing, and a geek. He likes most everyone, though he's not as adept at understanding humans as Sker'ret is. Slang is not his strong point, and his speech tends towards formality (well, full sentences and so forth--more for clarity than anything else).

As a YW wizard, not only does he perform and create wizardries, but he is also sworn to uphold Life and stand against the Lone One (an analogue of the devil). Being of a treelike nature, Filif is quite fond of the sun, which is the provider of light and necessary for life. He is also frightened by fire, and his people’s term for the Lone One is “The Kindler of Wildfires”.

He recently saved the universe with his friends, helped keep Earth's sun from going nova, and is terribly fond of day-glo.


Filif resembles a Christmas tree with red berries, and has an opaque field around where his roots would be (for privacy reasons). He generally sports a Yankees baseball cap.

He speaks in The Speech, which is quite vague in canon about whether humans understand it, but the bar will do all of his translating to take care of that. He can be understood by anything, either animate or inanimate (dogs, chairs, etc.)

Filif is from The Young Wizards series, and is the property of Diane Duane.

Filif is a RETIRED LEGACY character at [community profile] milliways_bar, meaning that a different Filif can be applied there but that his history still exists in the Bar's continuity. He's here for completion and also for play at request in [community profile] mixed_muses and [community profile] panfandomsandbox
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